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Generate leads and increase sales with targeted e-mail marketing lists or bulk email lists. Buy and Rent an Email List provides opt-in email targeted consumer list and business email lists for use to market to.


94% of Americans use emails. Passionate social net workers use email more, not less. Mobile email is huge. Email list offers marketers more opportunities than ever... opportunities to guide customers from consideration and trail to repeat purchase, loyalty, even advocacy! But email marketing has changed. To get breakthrough results, you must break the rules of the old email list marketing!


Whether you are B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer), Fortune@ 500 or startup, we can help with a complete no nonsense plan for transforming your email list marketing campaign. Let us help you discover a better way to handle every facet of your email campaign: Email list, From Names, Subject Lines, calls to action, social network integration... everything you need for marketing your products and services.


We are a Targeted Opt-in E-mail List Provider:


Our massive opt-in consumer email list database makes lead generation easy. Request an email list based on demographic criteria such as age, gender, location and more.


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Market to business contacts narrowed down by industry, job title, location and more. We have business lists sure to make your sales grow.


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Why Buy or Rent an E-mail List ?


What makes the Buy or Rent Email List service superior to our competitors:
  • Targeted and fresh large and high volume opt-in email lists
  • No duplicates within the mailing list
  • Can be narrowed by industry, title, age, gender, location or other demographic targets

Welcome to Buy and Rent Email List, where you will find the ideal e-mail list for rent or sale for your email marketing needs. Buy Email List is your targeted and bulk email list solution. We understand that one of the key factors in a successful email marketing campaign is a high quality list of sales leads. This is where we come in—we are committed to only supplying and leasing high quality opt-in mailing lists—and we will lease our opt in email lists to you on a monthly basis.


We will select the e-mail addresses based on your target demographic— whether you are looking for a business or consumer email list for sale—and we can further narrow the demographic based on geographic location, age, gender and even professional title.


Whether you’re in need of a business email list, consumer's email list or even a customized bulk email list, Buy or rent Email List is your one stop shop for your lead generation needs.


Let us help you to:


- Discover which e-mail marketing rules are obsolete - and when to break the rest.

- Optimize every component of your message and campaign

- Drive list growth that translates directly into the top line

- Encourage opt in by systematically simplifying sign up

- Bring real humor and creativity back into your email list marketing

- Write a great main call to action - and great secondary and tertiary calls, too

- Take full advantage of tools ranging from QR codes to texting to grow your email list

- Make better technical decisions about pre checked opt in boxes and other attributes.

- Know when to deliberately introduce "imperfections" into your emails.

- Use e-mail marketing and social media to power each other

- Prepare for the short and long term futures of e-mail list marketing.

Tips and advice for e-mail marketing list:


Building your own e-mail list - Capturing leads and building your own email lists is the key to be successful on the internet. It is so key, that your primary focus can not even be on selling your product or services. Any traffic you direct to a website had best go to your lead capture page and not your sales page. This makes sure you get multiple opportunities to speak to an interested customer, rather than one opportunity to impress them and be gone.


It is at the thank you page for the lead capture page that you go ahead and send them on to your product offers. That way if you are going to get someone who is ready to buy right off the bat you can take advantage of it right away, of course, but again there is no need now to despair if no sale takes place.

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Testimonials about our Buy and Rent E-mail Lists Service :

“Buy and Rent Email List always provides me with quality opt-in email lists at the most cost-effective prices. I can count on them to target the exact demographic for the leads that I need, and their mailing lists have played a large role in the success of my email marketing campaigns.” - John McCaffery,, satisfied Buy and Rent Email List customer

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